Penis Enlargement

The Worldwide obsession with penis size has turned into a global industry. Men with smaller penises or those who aren't happy with the size of their manhood would do anything to make it bigger and feel better about themselves. This feeling of inadequacy can be affecting their relationships, sex life and confidence. This widespread problem has meant that there are now many penis-enhancing products on the market, some of which are safe to use and some of which you have to be more careful about.

Penis Enlargement

Natural Penis Enlargement

There are many different natural penis enlargement methods available. The most popular are natural virility enhancement supplements like VigRX that contain natural ingredients and have no known side effects, these type of supplements may not only help to boost performance and stamina, but may raise your libido. Other natural options, which can be used in the comfort of your own home and do not require a surgical procedure, are penis pumps, extenders and rings, which may help work to increase blood flow or stretch penile tissues. Be careful of products that aren't natural and claim to provide a quick fix, as they may contain artificial ingredients and cause side effects.

Penis Exercises

Another natural way for men seeking male enhancment are some penis exercises. Enlargement exercises have been used for centuries and cost you nothing to try them. Some men prefer to do these exercises whilst taking penis-enhancing pills whereas some prefer to try the exercises without any products.

Before you start with your penis exercise you have to warm up just like you would with any other exercise. Firstly, soak a cloth in warm water and apply it to your penis for around 5 minutes. For the best results, you should apply a warm cloth like this to your penis every 15 minutes during your penis exercises. The heat is known to relax the muscles in your penis, allowing increased blood flow and more effective growth.

Jelqing – Is one of the most well-known and commonly used penis exercises. To do this exercise make sure that your penis is erect, but not fully erect, if you try to do these exercises with a fully erect penis, you run the risk of causing damage to your penis Apply a generous amount of lubricant to your penis, then use your thumb and forefinger to make a circle and grasp the base of your penis. Push your hand towards the head of your penis, making sure that you are applying enough pressure to push your blood up towards the head. Repeat this exercise and alternate your hands, each stroke should last around 3-4 seconds.

Kegel Exercises for Men – These exercises are designed to target the Pubococcygeous muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. By targeting this muscle you are increasing the amount of blood pumped into the penis and you may achieve stronger and bigger erections. Find your Pubococcygeous muscle when you are urinating by squeezing and stopping the flow of urine. By doing this, you are flexing this muscle. You can exercise this muscle with a quick hard repeated flex that is a second long or a long hard flex held that lasts for around 30 seconds. Start with a set of 30 quicker flexes and then follow this with a set of longer flexes.

Surgical Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Some men go for surgery to make their penis bigger. There are different types of penis enlargement surgeries available such as; penis girth surgery, which involves injecting fat from another part of the body into the penis and penis length surgery which includes cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone and performing a skin graft at the base of the penis to give more length. Both procedures are pretty costly and come with their side effects – the girth surgery can cause scarring, infection, lumpiness and the fat may get re-absorbed into the body over time causing the penis size to go back to how it was before the surgery. The penis length surgery only effects the size of the flaccid penis by up to 2cm and the penis may not point as high during erection making sex uncomfortable.

Whichever method you choose it is important to weigh up the pros and cons. With the surgical methods, you may improve girth or length, but the after effects may not be what you were expecting. The safest option could be a natural supplements or devices that may help to increase your confidence and stamina in the bedroom. The pills can even be used alongside the penis exercises to help with the results that you desire.