Male Virility

For centuries the erect penis has symbolised power and virility. This powerful tool that men possess cannot only help create life, but it can provide pleasure and boost self-esteem. From an early age boys are taught to be dominant and masculine in all that they do. They are taught to be the best and become naturally competitive with their peers, whether this is in sport, with women or even with the size of their penis.

It takes the right mood, setting and person to make the penis erect, this feeling of pressure to get it up and then satisfy a partner with it can be too much for some men to handle, which is why they may have erectile problems. These factors alongside negative body image and low self-esteem may affect sexual performance, confidence and in turn, virility.

What makes a man virile?

Over the years virility has been measured by manliness. A strong, forceful alpha male is known to be virile. This combined with high testosterone levels, a high sex drive and the ability to have sex and procreate are what are known to make men appear more virile.

How is virility lost?

The pressures of everyday life can affect virility. Stress at work, then stress at home can put you off having sex, this combined with self-esteem issues about your penis size or the pressure to perform, pleasure and procreate can all be affecting your virility. There are often pressures to start a family and if your testosterone levels are low, this can make your sperm count low which may give you less chance of having a baby. If you are struggling to keep an erection, this is also affecting your chances of even having sex. Age can also be a reason for erectile difficulties, as a man gets older his stamina and his erection strength may decrease.

How can you regain your virility?

Male Virility

Depending on your issue there are ways to help improve your virility:

  • Be in a healthy relationship
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat healthily
  • Have a positive self-esteem

There are also natural supplements out there such as VigRX, which might give your self-esteem and your sex drive a boost.

Sex isn't just about making babies, it is meant to be a fun and enjoyable way of getting pleasure and releasing stress. Many men forget the fun of sex when they start to have problems, so stop putting so much pressure on yourselves and start getting your virility back.