Flaccid and Erect Penis Size

You many be thinking you know this right? You may be looking down at your penis saying that yours is not the right size and it should be bigger – but until you know what size the average penis size is classed as, you may think differently about your penis. It has less to do with your flaccid penis size and more to do with its size when erect, so stop worrying that your flaccid penis isn't big enough.

The most important thing when knowing your penis size is to not really base your flaccid penis size as your actual penis size, this is because the size of your flaccid penis can fluctuate depending on the room temperature and if it's cold then your flaccid penis will shrink. So, if you are going to measure your penis (as all men do at some point in their lives) then do it when your penis is erect.

The NHS states that the average erect penis size is 5.5-6.3 inches with a 4.7-5.1 inch girth. A penis is said to be unusually small if it measures less than 3 inches when erect. There's only one way to know if your penis is the average size and that's to measure your penis. You should do so when it is erect, take a tape measure or ruler and hold it against where the shaft meets abdomen measuring up the penis to the tip.

The natural competitiveness of men has always included penis size and in what's been dubbed the 'locker room syndrome' men compare penis size with their peers in the changing room, making themselves feel insecure if their penis doesn't quite measure up to the others.

Men who are feeling insecure need to remember that just because a man may have a large flaccid penis it is not necessarily going to grow much bigger when erect, this type of penis has been dubbed a 'show-er', whearas a man with a smaller flaccid penis may double in size with an erection, this has been hailed a 'grower'.

Whether you are a 'show-er' or a 'grower' you may still not be happy with your size or bedroom performance, this is why there are penis enlargement options available to you to help increase your confidence and help you to feel happier with yourself and your body.