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What is VigRX?

Enjoy the sex life you've always wanted with VigRX the World's leading herbal male enhancement supplement. Manufactured in Canada and originally launched in the USA it is the number 1 selling product of its kind and has been so for many years - and there is one reason why - it works. What makes VigRX different and keeps it being the leading brand year after year is that customers trust it, they've seen viable results and because of this keep coming back for more.

With millions of men suffering from erectile difficulties and unhappiness of their penis size, there was high demand for a natural product that could help men gain penis confidence. VigRX became available in Europe back in 2001 and although other related products have been released it is still VigRX that is the most widely used supplement, because customers know that it works for them.

The breakthrough for this supplement came after many years of research into the best blend of herbs. The combination of these herbs together with just the right amount of each element, gives you the best formula. The ingredients themselves are the highest grade and it's premium quality natural sources are another factor that sets us apart from any other competing brand.

Male virility and enhancement is an important issue for so many men. People that take VigRX comment upon how they can 'feel' the difference in the first instance before they notice any other changes. With VigRX you will not only get an erection faster and for longer, but you may gradually increase the length and girth of your penis. Alongside this your sex drive may go into overdrive and you could experience more powerful orgasms.

In capsule form, this enhancement supplement is suitable for vegetarians and men are advised to take two per day. In every bottle, there are sixty capsules giving you a month's supply. VigRX is best taken with meals and it is recommended that you do not exceed 4 capsules in any one day.

Although this supplement is known to get to work straight away - you may not see any visible changes at least until after the first month. With this in mind, do not use VigRX if you are expecting something different, but rest assured, you will appreciate our honesty down the line.

VigRX is a product for males over the age of eighteen, so keep it far away from children. We also must tell you that VigRX is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition and neither do we attempt to make any unsubstantiated claims.

The carefully selected ingredients are discussed in another area of this website, please check with your doctor if you are not sure about taking VigRX with any other medications.