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* The results may vary from one individual to another.

* I knew there would be some sort of risk involved when buying penis enlargement pills online. I ended up buying Vigrx pills ,mainly because of all the positive feedback for this product. I wanted to know if this actually worked. I have been using it for 8 weeks now and in my opinion the results have been great. I have gained over an inch and a half in length and now I can say after years and years of trying I finally have a bigger penis. My confidence has shot up in the bedroom and I feel better about myself now. I’m loving it and loving life right now.
- Daniel H, London
* After trying Vigrx my erection problems dissapeard. My sexual drive is much better and when erect my penis has increased by about 5cm. It’s even thicker now too. Thank you. Definitely recommended.
- Elijah K, Birmingham
* I WAS SO RELIEVED, I used my office as the delivery address and was quite nervous if anyone would notice... thankfully just as mentioned my parcel was just another UPS parcel with no mention of VigRX. Great service would highly recommend.
- David, London
* When I initially started using vigrx I didn’t notice much change in penis size for the first month. It did feel a little bigger. However after 3 months of using I finally got some results. My penis increased by an inch and kept on growing. It took a while but after using it for 5 months and now I finally have a normal sized penis.
- Waichung L, Brighton
* I am not a very rich man and when I consider buying any product the price can sometimes scare me. I will give vigrx positive review today as it has helped me improve my sex life. Before vigrx I was 5 inches long. After a few weeks of taking my penis is longer and sex has gotten better too. I am extremely happy with the purchase.
- Aidan J, London
* Quite a while back I was very close to having penis enlargement sugery. I did my research and found that a lot of men undergoing this type of surgery were not satisfied with the results. Apparently they do not extend it by much. I didn’t go through it because of this and the price. My penis was 4 inches long. I came across vigrx uk and decided to try it out after reading so many reviews, and plus it was the cheaper option. I am now over six inches in length. I paid less money and achieved better results. I cannot complain. I would like to increase it further and I think I will. Thank you vigrx.co.uk.
- Nelson H, London
* My girlfriend was against me trying out vigrx. She was worried about the side effects and thought it was some sort of silly scam. I went against her and went through with ordering 3 months worth of vigrx. Lets just say she is not complaining now. After the first 5 weeks I didn’t notice much change, however after my second month of using it grew longer. I continued to use for 4 months and found that it grew a further 2 inches. I was genuinely surprised at the results. And there were no side effects at all. Obviously my gf was happy, no side effects and bigger penis. What a combo. Definitely a good product I will continue to use.
- Javier D, Manchester
* I have been using for a month now and my penis has increased by about 2.5 inches. It used to be 4.5 and is now 6. I have also noticed the thickness has gone up too. My vigrx results have been very good so far.
- Cantona E, Nottingham
* Hello. One word…Amazing! I purchased vigrx after reading reviews. I have been able to increase the size of my penis and I am satisfied with the results. I had some major issues before when it came to penis size. I am so glad I came across this website and vigrx. My erections are a lot more harder and I can last longer too. My boyfriend is impressed with the results. My sex life has gotten so much better. I would recommend vigrx to anyone who has been having problems in bed, If it helped me it will help you too.
- George A, Manchester
* I have tried many penis enlargement pills out there and I must say that vigrx gave me the best results so far. Not only did my penis get bigger my stamina has increased as well. I was always embarrassed growing up about the size of my penis. I would recommend to get if you have been through the bad experiences I have been through.
- Carlson M, Liverpool
* I must say i was scepticle about gettin vigrx, but from what i have seen so far i do not regret my decision. Best buy ever. Im Happy, my wife is happy my life is happy.
- Oli H, Southampton
* Im not a fan of changing the body and plastic surgery but when it comes the the essentials like the penis, im all for enhancig it. vigrx for me did just that. i read all the reviews and it sounded perfect for me. been using for 6 weeks now and its done wonders. i hold beter erections and i ve grown slightly. i am looking forward to further growth
- Kuldeep S, Leicester
* As much as it upset my husband buying vigrx for him, he truly thanks me for it now. Vigrx has done wonders for our sex life. Lets just say he keeps me satisfied.
- Katrina S, Cardiff
* vigrx is a really good. its all over the web so i was sure their were scam artists at work. thankfuly i chose vigrx.co.uk and the transaction was secure and fast. i like it and i like vigrx.co.uk. the service and email were great too.
- Rodney K, Crawley
* My Boyfriends erection are harder and last for longer. If you ladies want to really be treated get this for your man. I gave to my bf as a gift, got a better one in return wink wink.
- Kelly P
* Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its my penis
- Dustin, Swansea
* Just ordered my second batch of vigrx pills. A man suffering for quite some time these pills have been amazing. More than than my size which has grown, my sex life is back on track. Me and my wife have never been happier and I keep coming back for more.
- Andy, Manchester
* I started using VigRX based on the fact that it was completely herbal and I wasn't to keen on taking on any chemicals. Great product so far and great service. Thank you.
- Chris H, Bolton
* I thought I would jump on the band wagon here and tell everybody my results as everyone here is doing it. I have been using vigrx for 11 weeks and my penis has increased by 3.8cm and the girth of my penis has increased as well. I am definitely happy with this product. A big thumbs up.
- Matthew W, Hull
* I have been taking VigRX for a little more than three weeks now but have yet to see any results. I do however feel that my erections are harder and it stays longer but havent noticed anything with the size yet. I suppose I have to keep using it for a longer time.
- Frederick, Cardiff